Daniela Wimmerová

Born February 25, 1948 in Novosedlice

Studied at the Middle Librarian School in Prague. She has worked in this field for 30 years, 14 of them in the Town Library in Český Krumlov. Is a professional in the dept. of regional services and organizes the coordination of services of public libraries in the Český Krumlov region. Also works as Chairwoman of the Union of Librarians and Information workers of the South Bohemia Regional Committee. Occassionally publishes articles on libraries in professional and regional media.

Contact :
Daniela Wimmerová
Městská knihovna Český Krumlov
Horní 155
381 01 Český Krumlov
tel. : 00420 337 4385
e-mail: wimmerova@knih-ck.cz

List of articles :
History of the Town Library in Český Krumlov
Libraries in the Český Krumlov Region


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