Antonín Zwiefelhofer

Born January 9, 1917 in Křemže
Died July 28, 2001 in Český Krumlov

After finishing vasic education, he was permitted, under his teacher Mr. Dvořák, who knew of his creative talents mainly in drawing, to learn to paint theatre decorations and scenes. In 1936 he was engaged as an artist and actor in „Divadlo pražského venkova„, a one-act company of Bedřich Rys. The following year, in 1937, he went over to the theatre „Divadlo českého severozápadu„ with its director Vladyka. He stayed in this theatre until 1942. This theatre performed about 80% operettes, but also played quality one-act plays. His colleagues were well-known Czech actors such as Ruda Hurych, pan Balcar, Zdeněk Vavřík, J. Bouda, Grumlík, Martínek, Božena Erbenová, Věrka Knížková, and others. One-act performances featured renowned actors such as Rudolf Hrušínský, Jaroslav Vojta and Vilém Pfeiffer.

Antonín Zwiefelhofer

Thanks to his singing abilities, Antonín Zwiefelhofer became an opera singer and actor. At the same time, he was active as an artist. In 1942 he was forcibly placed in the arms factory Hermann Göringwerke Linz, and after a year was forcibly placed in the German Theatre in Český Krumlov, then as an artist in the theatre in Moravian Ostrava. After the end of WWII and the liberation of Czechoslovakia in 1945, he became the theatre referent for the local Legal Commission in Český Krumlov, which had been liberated by the American Army. Later he became the regional secretary for the Czechoslovakian Peoples’ Party until 1948, when the secretariate of this party was arrested by State Security, and the Czechoslovakian Peoples’ Party in Krumlov was prohibited until 1968.

Antonín Zwiefelhofer wasn‘t permitted to return to professional theatre. Until 1950 he worked as a laborer, driver, gatekeeper, etc. In 1950 he was accepted as a technician for the newly-founded Municipal Museum, and completed a course in restorational and conservational work at the Minister of Culture in Hořína near Mělník. From 1961 - 1973 he was permitted to become the head of the town theatre. In 1971 he restored the roofs of the Rosenberg and Abbott's Hall in the monastery in Vyšší Brod.

In 1968, the era of Prague Spring, he and his wife wrote the format of the Krumlov celebrations "Festival of the Five-petalled Rose", thus becoming its founders. The festival was held together with the launching of the "South Bohemia Theatre Festival" at the Revolving Auditorium in Český Krumlov. They were held in 1969 and 1970, then the were forbidden to continue by the new communist leadership because they were perceived as a glorification of feudalism. The festival then showed the geneological development of the castle owners - the Vítkovci, Rosenbergs, Habsburgs, Eggenbergs, Schwarzenbergs, up to the present, all with around 800 costumed participants. The festival was renewed in 1990, but this time on a much more limited basis due to restricted finances.

In 1970 Antonín Zweifelhofer was awarded with the "Memorial Plaque of the 1st degree for service in the development of the city of Český Krumlov", and this year celebrated his 81st birthday.

After the year 1990 he had a share in the revival of the Amateur Ensemble „Českokrumlovská scéna“ and he is the author and editor of the memorial book written to its 50th anniversary in 1995.

He passed a way on 28 July, 2001 at the age of 84.

Contact :
Antonín Zwiefelhofer
Urbinská 182
381 01 Český Krumlov
tel. : 00420 337 612 65

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