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Accommodation Český Krumlov - Pension U kapličky


Accommodation Český Krumlov - Pension U kapličky, pohled z parku
Accommodation Český Krumlov - Pension U kapličky, pohled ze silnice

The facility is situated in reconstructed picturesque medieval house of unusual shape which was, as the legend goes, connected with a mysterious passage quite near St. Martin's Chapel. The property belongs to the historical town center and is locatedin a quiet and peaceful area near the town park about 5 minutes walk from the town square.

The Immediate nearness of the park with the Vltava river offers visitors an oportunity to sit in a quiet and calm neighborhood of the historical town center.

We are able to provide luxurious andf comfortable accomodation with rich breakfast and  Parking approx. 50 m from the pension is available for 150 CZK / day .

The owner runs a small art gallery right in the pension and also uses the park as an attractive space for the exhibition of sculptures made by ceramist František Vlček called "Angels in the park".

After almost 20 years changed gallery it's location (former Latran 13 in Český Krumlov). But also here in a smaller range you can see, buy or order works of main authors of the gallery (A. Born, J. Bruckmüler, G. Fifka, J. Gavendová, J. Huja, A. Lamr, J. Synek, V. Teska, F. Vlček) We'd love to invite you to visit the gallery even besides the opening hours.  photos - illustrations of author's creation. 

We provide accommodation in these rooms:
Room "Kaplička" Apartment "Ateliér"
Room "Kaplička" Apartment "Ateliér"

Ubytování Český Krumlov - Pension U kapličky v zimě